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The Alpine Group

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Business Coaching, helping organisations improve their performance

Through our business coaching we can provide support and occasional advice to an individual or group in order to help them recognise ways in which they can improve the effectiveness of their performance and/or their business. Our business coaches work to improve leadership, employee accountability, teamwork, sales, communication, goal setting, strategic planning and more.

Business coaching can be provided in a number of ways, including one-to-one tuition, group coaching sessions and seminars.

More and more businesses and organisations recognise the benefits of business coaching even when the organisation itself is successful.

Personal Performance Coaching;

Personal performance coaching is generally facilitated in a one to one setting. The relationship between the client and the coach is based on the clients expressed interests, goals and objectives.

A professional coach will use open questioning techniques and discussion to help clients identify personal and/or business and/or relationship goals, develop strategies and action plans intended to achieve those goals.

Whilst the client always remains responsible for their own achievements and success, the coach will provide non judgemental or directional support.