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The Alpine Group

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Management Consulting

Through its Management consulting strand the Alpine Group can help organisations improve their performance though analysis of existing business problems and the development of plans for improvement.

Organisations benefit from working in partnership with management consultants for a number of reasons, gaining access to objective external advice, access to specialised expertise, or simply as temporary support during a one time project, where the hiring of more permanent employees is not required.

Management consultants also add value in providing assistance in managing organisational change, the development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development or operational improvement which can lay the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks.

Alpine Group Management consultants can also develop products on behalf of your business;

Recruitment and selection processes developed to support the culture and policies of the organisation.
Induction packages supporting the induction of new employees to a business
Training Needs Analysis which can be used to identify any gaps in peoples knowledge, skills or experience which require solutions in order to improve the operation of the business
Performance appraisal processes which are designed to be used to measure a persons existing performance, identify areas for improvement and suggested approaches to achieve that improvement.
Sickness Absence Management processes including dealing with long term or unacceptable levels of absence supported by appropriate documentation
HR best practice with solutions, processes and documents.