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The Alpine Group

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At the Alpine Group we understand the value of good quality training provision. We offer a number of training solutions to organisations and businesses who appreciate the impact of well trained and motivated people on their bottom line.

There are a number of options available;

Option 1

We can deliver Alpine Group training programmes tailored to meet your organisational need, to your staff and invited guests, generally at your place of business which often minimises travel and accommodation expenditure, but different venues can also be used.

Option 2

We can deliver training programmes specifically developed to meet your organisations needs.

Option 3

We can deliver your existing programmes, or support you in developing new ones. A combination of training and coaching can increase ***** by ******.

List of events

 Presentation skills
 Managing Change
 Effective Communication Skills
 Financial Management for non financial managers
 Managing projects
 Leadership training
 Time Management and Prioritisation
 Dealing with conflict
 Looking at managing attendance
 Managing performance
 Recruitment and Selection interviewing
 Performance Management

What to expect when working with the Alpine Group

When working with the Alpine Group you can be assured of a professional approach;
 An initial scoping meeting to discuss your requirement(s)
 Consideration as to the best solution
 Submission of an event/consultancy proposal
 An opportunity to discuss the proposal
 Refinement of proposal where necessary
 Provision of a full costing
 Delivery of the training event/consultancy
 Evaluation exercise
 Evaluation report
 Optional extra follow up evaluation

To provide reassurance and to keep you informed, we keep in regular contact with our clients.

The Delegate Experience

Delegates attending an Alpine Group training event will expect to receive;
 An event invitation
 Event overview
 Supporting course materials for used during the event and for reference afterwards
 Evaluation questionnaire at the end of the event
 A facilitated and interactive event enabling a supportive learning experience.